Around Bolærne in the national park

Required experience
If you want to rent a guide, it is required that all participants have a travel insurance that covers the activities they attend

The trip
We paddle from Fjærholmen beach towards Bolærne. The first large island is Vestre Bolærne and we paddle from here via the “South side” to the Middle and Eastern Bolærne. Here we disembark and take a look at the island that was formerly managed by the Norwegian military as part of Norway’s naval defense. The tour goes around the island and on the north side of the middle and western Bolærne. We take a look at one of the oldest hunting lodges in Norway, set up by Count Peder Anker Wedel Jarlsberg around 1840, before we return to Fjærholmen beach.
Length: ca. 18 km,
Time: ca. 6 hours.